Service #1


30 minutes • $10
Short All around even # with the choice of an edge or blended on the sides and back.

Service #2

Skin Fade

1 hour • $20
HD quality blend. Fully detailed blend from a skin/zero to any desired length and style cut on the top portion of the haircut. For the grand finale, the peace is then detailed and sharpened up with a straight razor blade.

Service #3

Gentlemen's Haircut

30 minutes • $15
Light taper blend on both the sides and neck area. Shear work is then used to style and then smoothly blend the top portion of the hair to the taper. Cleaning up with a straight razor finish.

Service #4

Men's Haircut and Beard

1 hour • $20 -$25
Any men customer style haircut. Includes the styling and shaping of the beard. Topped off with a straight razor finish.

Service #5

Beard Trim and Shave

30 minutes • $10
Beard is trimmed and shaped to fit the contour of the clients face. Shave can also be included.

Service #6

Kids Haircut

30 minutes • $10 - $20
Anything from a young school boys regular cut to a more modern day faded styles.

Service #7

Senior Citizens Special

30 minutes • $10 - $15
Haircut to the clients choosing. Includes straight razor shave around the ears and neck. Topped off with style.

Service #8

Undercut Plain/Design

30 minutes • $10 -$25
Hair parted to the clients likening. Barber will either freestyle a design, even-out, or fade the desired area depending on what the client decides.

Service #9

Hot Towel Shave

45 minutes • $10 -$20
First we start with a dry shave/beard trim. PreShave oil/cream is then applied. Lather/shaving cream is layered right before the hot towel is laid on the clients face, providing moisture to the skin while softening and stimulating the hair follicles as the client relaxes. Finally the actual shave followed by an application of post/after shave to bring the clients skin back to its normal PH balance.

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